Our Company

About Us

G&B Marketing was founded in 2012 from George and Vassilis Arapogiannis after 5 years of professional experience in the fields of marketing & business administration and co-operations with successful companies such as OgilvyOne Worldwide Athens, Mentor Group International e.t.c. Our goal has been and is to provide immediate and essential assistance to companies that want to grow though contemporary marketing and effective digital communication.

Since May 2018, our company name has changed, in the framework of the merger with Business Coaching Lab, business consulting company for organization, sales and human resources management.

Since the last years, G&B is focusing on the delivery of marketing consulting services as well as on training of executives and business owners. As a result, both domestic and international companies are daily achieving remarkable results through the creation of functional websites, targeted promotion on social media as well as through constant utilization of the newest Google tools.

Today, G&B is an expanding company with constant individual and team development that despite the challenges of our economy, manages to daily help companies utilize the market opportunities and grow, in order to achieve the future they deserve.


G&B provides tailor-made solutions on marketing & digital communication in a separate co-operation mix. Differentiation lies in:

  • Simplified communication with the customer.
  • Transmission of the necessary knowledge to the customer, aiming at autonomous application of promotional actions.
  • Provision of the full range of services that offer promptness to communication and facilitate coordination.
  • Speed and quality of service.


G&B aims at the most efficient utilization of companies’ advertising resources, through implementation of the most state-of-the-art practices and executive training in marketing, in order to improve the well-being of every organization.



  • Integrity – To always deliver what we promise.
  • Exchange in Abundance – To always offer more than the customer expects.
  • Excellent quality – To provide only useful services.
  • Effective communication – To listen, to understand and then to act.
  • Constant training – To continually incorporate new marketing trends & technologies.
  • Ethics – To cooperate in a selfless way and with personal responsibility.


We want our contribution to become identical of companies’ establishment in leading positions in their sectors, as well as of their goals’ and visions’ fulfillment.