We take over the creation of your company’s website, just as you want it to be. Not only design-wise but also in full alignment with effective marketing rules.


Social Media Marketing

We take over the creation of a complete and effective presence in Social Media – through the creation of professional pages, content creation, copywriting, applications as well as creation and administration of paid ads.


Google Marketing

Advertising through Google AdWords Platform is one of the most effective promotional methods in regards to online sales.


Seminars / Consulting

With experience since 2007, we provide digital marketing seminars to entrepreneurs and executives. The goal is the implementation of the data from businesses themselves to gain autonomy and use advertising services.

Social Media may not be nuclear physics, but they can indeed cause chain reactions. All needed is… knowledge of specific tools, techniques, competition analysis and constantly keeping track of the developments.
Just as a building’s functionality requires architectural design, a website’s effectiveness requires the contribution of marketing.
“It is never too early to start advertising, it is usually too late!” L.Ron Hubbard


The development of a website, from a technical aspect, cannot guarantee results if it doesn’t incorporate the principles of marketing. And this is the reason why expensive investments very often draw a blank.

In many instances, companies create a website, to finally realize that their initial target has not been achieved.

A website’s development does not have to be expensive in order to be effective. It has to meet the customer demands and be aligned with the company’s marketing strategy. Only then, can maximum effectiveness be achieved.

Social Media Marketing

Like all promotional actions, Social Media advertising should also be in alignment with the company’s goal and marketing strategy.

In many cases, Social Media promotion has to be done by the company itself. Thus, we offer training and seminars for business executives, aiming at the creation of a well-trained department.

We can support you in the activity you want.


Google Marketing

Google AdWords includes:

  • Ads appearing while searching in Google.
  • Promotion with banners on other websites.
  • Ads displayed on Youtube.
  • Ads displayed through mobile apps.

We draw the proper plan for every company, depending on its target.

Understanding the need of companies to create and manage the ads on Google AdWords themselves, we offer training tailored to each company’s data.

For us, training doesn’t mean information transmission, but development of abilities for practical implementation. Because it doesn’t matter how much the AdWords “teacher” knows, but how many things the “students” can do.



We train you in order to use Facebook and the Google Advertising Tool as well the most important sections of:

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing / Branding

We train your staff on managing the pages of the most important Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as on creation of paid ads, data analysis and creation of promotional strategies.


We provide Google & Online Marketing seminars / tutorials to executives and businesses. With the knowledge you gain on these issues, you will be able to control your partners and get the most out of them.